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1st MAR 2006

VisualDot is the only Rip-independent ROOM Proofing tool. It supports Dot for Dot proofing as well as Continuous Color Proofing with de-screening by control of dot-sharpness freely.

1st APR 2005
Our master distributor in Japan, Seishin Co., ltd., is recording remarkable procress in Japanese market, which is regarded as 20~25% of world-wide market in prepress industry.
VisualDot was introduced into the Japanese market with the starting of year 2005. We made many press releases recently and VisualDot is selling more than Starproof currently. Without doubt, it seems to take the leading position very soon. This successful record is secured though only 3 months of promotion.
(see reference news 1 2 3 4)

7th MAR 2005
VALLOY the developer of the VisualDot contract dot-proofing software has appointed GALLO POMI GROUP S.r.l as an approved value added reseller for the territory of Italy market.

1st FEB 2005
VALLOY released new upgrade version of VisualDot software version 1.3 and Dot-batch version 1.0, which is hot-folder based conversion module for automated processing.

1st JAN 2005
VALLOY released VisualDot, a revolutionary product of dot-proofing in prepress industry. Inspite of 2.5 years history in dot-proofing, the market was not developed well due to the lack of practical concept and flexible approach. VisualDot is designed to meet real and practical demand of users with its cost-effectiveness and flexibility, by applying the concept of add-on product to the existing color proofing software or workflow systems.



2005.09.01 New version 1.5 is available now available !!

- SHARPNESS OF DOTS : Very enhanced by new algorithm and approach.
It is required to ¡®calibrate¡¯your environment at starting to get the best quality.

- SPOT COLORS : New spot color library is containing Pantone Index as a default for your convenience. Users can add/modify/delete spot colors in the library without limitation. Users can import max. 4 additional Spot colors to CMYK. (extended up to 12 soon)

- AUTOMATIC RECOGNITION OF COLORS : VisualDot and DotBatch is using both of ¡®jobname¡¯and ¡®filename¡¯ to recognize characters of each 1 bit screen for automatic composition. Any complicated name of spot color can be recognized if it is identical to that in the library.

- OUTPUT FORMAT : Version 1.5 of VisualDot and DotBatch creates Dot-proof output file as 8 bit separate TIFF format as well as 32 bit composite TIFF, PDF and PS the previous version supported. This option can maximize the functionality of your own proof Rip to get the best final output.

- SPEED : Dot-proofing speed is very improved. Very useful in automatic process using DotBatch.

- MIMO ENVIRONMENT : New DotBatch v.1.5 is supporting very enhanced SERVER feature with providing Multi- Input- Multi-Output structure. User can create unlimited number of Hot-Folders, where input folder and related options, dot-proof creation folder and related options, and preview file creation folder and related options each differently.

White Paper : ROOM PROOFING with VisualDot

New era of Dot-proofing in Prepress Market

The year in prepress has been marked by the continuing battle in digital workflow with the latest PDF-based
applications, argues between the violet camp and the thermal for platesetters, and slow progress of JDF.
There surely have been the incremental improvements in digital working and attendant developments in automation.
The problem is only going to become more acute as workflows become even more automated and complex.
The idea of offering a digital asset management service has more appeal. However, many of the applications
on the market are too expensive and complicated for any repro house to invest in.

Through the long history of prepress industry, the market has been very saturated with so many solutions and
complicated product suites from large solution companies which have been leading the market. There¡¯s no doubt
that relatively lower level of service providers in prepress and offset printing market will be the only possible
factor of expand the market, rather than high-end users which most of solution companies are focusing on.
However, it looks very hard for the current solutions to meet the demand of the middle and low end users due to the high
cost and complicated structure of the product.
Actually it is not easy to find the right practical and cost-effective solution in this market sector.

Dot-proofing or real dot technology has been introduced to the market for 2 years. Unfortunately, some successful products has secured their brand name in the market, without enough revenue over their investment so far.
The problem we found in the market is that people are misunderstanding the dot-proofing technology, mainly due to
The misleading of solution providers. Dot-proofing is conceptually one of the simplest solution in prepress industry, so as to let the middle and low end users understand easily and get the most expectable prompt result by trial.
However the concept has been mixed with complicated workflow solutions and color matching solutions,
with making people feel that the dot-proofing is very difficult technology and must be very expensive.




Market Approach of VisualDot, different from other Dot-proofing products

Whether they are newspaper, packaging, or general commercial printers, they all want?and deserve?the best quality that their investment can deliver. It is true that dot proofing technology can provide at least superior quality to the quality of existing continuous color proofing solutions in theory, regardless of minor difference in quality between
a few dot proofing solutions in the market. Because screen representation in the proof will show more press-look
colors and more accurate drawing of narrow lines and small fonts as its size on the press.

However, this is valid while we can assume that the know-how of current continuous color proofing can be maintained. If one user has been used XX color proofing solution and another is very familiar with YY solution for many years, can we expect they¡¯ll show the same performance when they use another totally different proofing solution? It could be, but there should be significant efforts and costly trials and errors in addition to basic expenses for adopting new solution.

All of dot-proofing solutions in the market have been developed with or beyond their own color proofing technology and users are forced to change their own existing (and very familiar) color proofing solution into the new one when they adopt dot-proofing technology on their contract proof works.

We should say that it is nonsense to let users take the risk of losing their accumulated knowledge and know-how with their existing solution, without regarding the cost they should pay for the same feature of existing one.
They¡¯ll be glad to pay for only additional feature of dot-proofing if any, and VisualDot is the exact solution for this
requirement, because VisualDot is the only dot-proofing solution which is independent to any of color proofing solutions. This remarkable feature of independency, flexibility and compatibility will open the real market of dot proofing.



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