DEMO program
  VisualDot v.1.5 DEMO software program ( 28MB)
Free evaluation version without any limitation in functionalities.
There's the only limitation of Vertical Size in importing image and creating dot-proof and preview image. (50% of original)

Promotional Documents
  VisualDot Brochure(English) (6P, PDF, 6MB)
VisualDot Brochure(Korean) (6P, PDF, 6MB)
VisualDot Presentation (16P, PDF, 1MB)
VisualDot Evaluation Kit Description (1P, DOC)
  VisualDot Manual (PDF, 6MB)
VisualDot Dot-batch Manual (PDF, 3.5MB)

Sample Image
for evaluation


Sample 1bit TIFF image (C, M, Y, K) ( 12MB~20MB for each)
ColorChart for Dot-Sharpness Calibration (PS or PDF)

Technical Notes

VisualDot technical marketing information release (31 MAR 2005)
VisualDot Upgrade release note (1 SEP 2005)


VALLOY Inc. is pleased to offer VisualDot Evaluation Kit to our authorized partners and potential partners and customers. VisualDot is essential part of today¡¯s digital proofing industry in various fields. We¡¯re looking forward to working with you for this new challenging Dot-proofing industry with our remarkable product, VisualDot.

VisualDot Evaluation Kit includes;
1) Sample Product Package Box and Printed Brochures
2) Demo version (1.5) of Software CD and CD case
¡±VisualDot¡± and ¡°Visual DotBatch¡± are included in the CD.
Visual DotBatch is automatic processing module using hot-folders in high speed.
Open and processing 50% reduced size of original, in vertical direction.
There¡¯s no limitation in other features.
3) User¡¯s Guide in PDF format (Included in the CD in digital format)
4) Sample press print reference (GATF Chart)
5) Sample Dot-proof print output (GATF Chart) in 150 LPI and 175 LPI
6) Sample continuous color proof print output (GATF Chart)
7) VisualDot Brochure, Sample images, Calibration chart (Digital Form in the CD)

Sample proof print output was printed under the below environment;
- Printer : Epson4000
- Ink : Epson Original, 7 color
- Printing Option : 720DPI, 7 color and Variabledot2
- Rip software : Founder Eagle rip
- Ripping Option : No screen, No anti-aliasing, Original resolution ripping and No scaling
- Media : Mitsubishi Semi-Glossy Photo Paper

Check Point when looking at Sample Proof:
- Color : Color Matching is done with the Rip software. However, Rip software itself cannot match the dimmed press color without screen dots. Find difference of simulating press color with applying Dot patterns in the proof output. (Please understand that Koreans are not very good at color matching. We believe you¡¯ must do better color matching there.)
- Details : Rip software itself with no-screen data cannot represent details in narrow lines and small fonts. You can easily find differences of details in patterns, small fonts and narrow lines in the sample proof output with applying VisualDot. We lose details in continuous color proof.
- Dot patterns and Moire effect : The proof and press is maid in 150 and 175 LPI. VisualDot supports up to 200 LPI. Check screen dots and patterns with using your magnifier on the press and proof output.
Check Point when trying Dot-proofing for your self:
- You need to get high-resolution (ex. 2400 DPI) 1 BIT TIFF files from CTP/CTF workflow first.
(If you do not have, we provide sample 1 bit TIFF image in the CD for your convenience.)
- Import the files and analyze with soft dot-proofing functions.
- Adjust dot-proofing parameters in calibration of sharpness for each color screen first.
- Generate Dot-proof image in 600 DPI (ex. HP, Canon) or 720 DPI (ex. Epson).
- Print the Dot-proof image with your own Rip software and color matching system as you¡¯ve done so far. However, you should not using scaling option, interpolation option nor anti-aliasing option in the Rip software. It is recommended to use but not restricted to use, no screen, Hifi color (6 or 7 color inks), variable dot (if available), and good proof paper.
- Test VisualDot Batch to automate your Dot-proofing workflow in faster and easier way.

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