........Why VisualDot is different?


Why VisualDot is Different?

VisualDot is the most economic solution for today's demanding proofing needs.
You need to invest double or triple cost to build up the same or even lower features with other solution. Whether you work at design agency, in commercial printing, in the packaging industry or in newspaper production, VisualDot is the solution for all businesses from commercial to package printers to newspaper that want to proof their 1-bit data. VisualDot is useful especially for printing operations using coarse screening rulings where the halftone process plays a significant role in the final image appearance.
VsualDot is a Fast and Economical Solution for all kinds of Digital Printing Industry

Rip-independent solution :
Just keep using your own Rip and Color proofing workflow and
only add VisualDot on it for the new challenge of Dot-for-Dot Contract Proofing.

You need not change your existing familiar Continuous Color Proofing workflow. It is a burden if you need to change whole proofing workflow for the purpose of new challenge of Dot proofing technology. In many cases, Dot proofing or Screen proofing software comes with their own color proofing system, which is not familiar and even may not be better than what you're using already. Instead of changing your efficient and experienced color proofing workflow and training engineers again costly, you can do Dot-proofing with your own existing and familiar proofer and proofing rip software as you did before.
Just use 'high-resolution 1-bit Tiff files' from the CTP/CTF rip and add VisualDot in a part of proofing workflow. VisualDot can be a simple and automatic module in your workflow without requiring experienced professionals.

New market creation VS Cross / up selling
Marketers will find difficulties every time they¡¯d like to create a new market with the new technology. Just like the initial stage of market creation of other new technologies, dot-proofing technology has also been introduced to high-end market where is always a demand of new and expensive technology.
But the truth is that the market for dot-proofing is not a new market but an existing market.
Some evaluators asked us that VisualDot cannot print to proofers directly so it requires additional Rip software with the additional cost. This can be true in some view point, however, this is a kindly controversy between egg and chicken.
If there¡¯s any customers who¡¯d like to adopt dot-proofing technology, in 99% of the cases they have their own existing color proofing rip software. It is a kind of misunderstanding of the real market if you say you¡¯re going to propose VisualDot plus new proofing rip software. In very rare cases that customers require VisualDot and new proofing rip software together, our partners can select any kind of Rip solution they feel confident and they can support easily. Also we have our own TOPAZ Rip software, which can drive Epson variable dot and diluted ink technology perfectly.
Anyway, the closer concept to the real practical field is that VisualDot can be added to any existing Rip rather than VisualDot require additional new Rip. If you understand the right concept of VisualDot, you¡¯ll find much wider market and its easiness as well as flexibility you have with VisualDot to approach the market.

Many useful analytical tools included
In addition to basic features in VisualDot, it provides various useful functions, VisualDot presents various analysis tools for calculating dot size, screen angles, color distribution and saturation and etc. Also preview image can be created either in RGB or CMYK and CMYK merged proofing image with screen correction can be created in various resolutions. Moreover, users can easily check 'overprint¡® problem by comparing C+M+Y value with K value at a certain area. The ratio is important for photo black application as well as pure black in vector images or fonts.
VisualDot will help you check the separation images are correct or not with various useful tools before generating Dot-proofing outputs.

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