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If you¡¯re familiar with prepress or proofing solutions and interested in real contract proof, VisualDot must be very attractive to you.
VisualDot is the most advanced and cost-effective Dot-proofing software in the market.
There're very clear market section for this application. All of CTP or Imagesetter users and related companies like design agencies, commercial printing/proofing companies, newspaper companies and etc. can be potential customers.

Main features summary

Screened DOT proof delivers Contract Quality of proof in color and details as well as screen dots (especially in narrow lines and small fonts.) - Simulate press screen on inkjet proof printing (screen ruling, angle and dot shape) - Save your Cost and Time by early recognition of Moires and Trapping errors with Dot-for-Dot reproduction - Simple modification of your own Inkjet Proofing Workflow for new challenge of Dot-for-Dot Contract Proofing. (VisualDot is Rip-independent. You can use any kind of color proofing rip software. Just adding VisualDot into your current familiar color proofing workflow will generate contract proof output.) - Checking overprint by analyzing CMY / K value Spot color library for SoftProofing - Various Dot SoftProofing features for screen / color analysis

NEW VisualDot DotBatch program is server version to make the Dot-proofing process fully automatic.


Benefits of VisualDot in comparison with other dot-proofing software

VisualDot software is very easy to learn and use. Also the price is very ecomonic (twice to three times less price). But the quality is the top class. There¡¯s no options of soft dot-proofing on the monitor like overprint checking, ink table chart generation and etc. in other solutions other than VisualDot.

- Gives real flexibility to users (Rip-independent)
Other competitor dot-proofing software has been not very successful in real world of sales - just 5% of market was saturated, because people should change their familiar color proofing workflow into new one, just for dot-proofing when they select those other dot-proofing solutions. More and more people understand?that Dot proofing gives real contract proof beyond of current continuous color proofing work and now VisualDot enables this with just adding it on your current color proofing workflow. People can get great screen proof in this very simple, easy, flexible and economic way.

- Cost-Effective
As you see the price chart, the prices of other dot proofing solution is too expensive. That's not meaning?all those solutions perform very well but?it means it is difficult to learn and use. We believe this is a kind of strange phenomena by wrong leading of vendors in early adaptation stage of the market. We'll let users see the right picture of unveiled dot-proofing technology.
Dot-proof is essentially no relationship with the Rip or ColorMatching and people need not pay for duplicated color matching and ripping solution together with dot-proofing, even they have existing familiar color matching and ripping solution.

- Easy to apply to current proofing workflow.
In most of cases, ¡®Rip-independent¡¯ strategy is very powerful. Dealers need not support users for connection with printers or color matching like profiling. Users also need not change their existing familiar proofing workflow. Actually they intend to keep using their own in general. They do not need pay so much for color proofing module bundled with other dot-proofing solution, even though the result is not much better than what they've used so far in windows system. It is the best to let users keep using their familiar and experienced color matching workflow.


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